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How To Change Authorised Person Mobile Number And Email Id On GST Portal After Registration

Mobile number and email ID entered in the GST Portal is of utmost importance for a registered person, as all notifications with respect to the GST portal will be communicated to the mobile number and email ID specified.

Many taxpayers want to know ‘How to change mobile number  and e-mail ID in  Registration as specified by the GST portal.

Let us understand the process for this:

1. Login on to gst.gov.in to go to Login Page

2. Click on the ‘login’ button and enter your credentials

3. Click on the ‘Authorized Signatory Tab’. The current Authorised Signatory will be displayed.

4. Add new Authorised signatory whose email and mobile number user wants to use. Click the ‘Save’ button to save the details.

5. Go to Verification tab and Submit the application

6. On submission of the application for correction in GST Registration, a message of successful submission of application will be displayed.  An acknowledgement is received within 15 minutes on the old e-mail address and mobile number.

7. Login again with user id and password.

8. Go to the ‘Authorized Signatory Tab’ – deselect the primary authorized signatory check box for the old signatory.

9. Select the newly added Authorized Signatory as primary Authorized signatory

(Important: Older mobile and email id will be prefetched by the system. Please ensure to change the mobile and email id to which you want to add.)

10 . Go to the verification tab and submit the application using DSC/E-Signature/EVC.

11.  After submission of the application, you will receive an acknowledgment within 15 minutes on the new email address and mobile number

Hence, change of mobile number and change of email ID in GST portal can be done easily, without the approval of an assessing officer or a visit to the Government office.


  • For Company/LLP DSC will be allowed.
  • For EVC submission, OTP will come on newly added email/mobile number.

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