Visionary Takeaways from PM Modi Speech at the Rising India Summit 2018

To the nation, each word spoken by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is a sign of some fore-coming change in the country’s system. Each time he addresses the nation with the most ethical one man radio show ‘ Mann ki Baat’, he provides a sign of change to public detailing about the serious issues prevailing in the society and the possibilities of improvement.  On his path, addressing responsibility and attention towards welfare and development of the eastern region of country, he lifted on some most discussed issues and presented his view points on turning polices of government at the Rising India Summit held at New Delhi on 16th March 2018.

Beginning to his pre planned view points, PM called for some common problems which were plaguing India and the need of greater public participation for success of coming government initiatives. Below is a summarised text of all motivational viewpoints quoted by PM Narendra Modi, at the Rising India Summit.

  • The first thing which requires some attention is whether the present strengthening policies of government is Rising India or not?
    Rising would here mean in terms of pride and integrity of one billion Indians and country’s self respect.
  • The present government does not take concepts of other countries and respects the nation policies where government follows people not people follows government.
  • Government till now has enforced all decisions required with the support of people, which were all earlier kept in government files for years and laws which were just passed for law books.
  • Modi led government pushed the 31 year old project to reality, the Assam gas cracker project and work on major gas/oil plants & related projects are in progress in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand.
  • Government is promoting development of waterways between Varansi and Haldia for major industrial transports making an ease of doing business.
  • The government has built in 6 new airports in north east space of the country, for initialisation of institutes like AIMS and Indian Agricultural Research institute and on establishment of key educational universities our first preference was given to eastern states.
  • Subhagya Scheme has been worked on to open electricity doors for households by spending more than Rs 16,000 crores.
  • We have prompted for making of Health Wellness Centres in budget for every panchayat of country and activated more than 3000 Jan Aushadhi centres across nation.
  • The biggest health plan as announced in budget, Ayushman India will help provide free treatment to about 100 million families.
  • To match requirement of doctors we have opened up new medical seats in villages and backward areas of country.
  • For health standards, we have activated the Ministry of Women and Child Development for better health of mothers and children in the country and promoted nutrition sufficiency programs like the Prime Minister’s Mata Vandana Yojana for proper nutrition of mother and baby.
  • India is heading towards Solar Revolution. More than 60 countries have agreed to the Delhi Solar Agenda .
  • While other countries have decided to remove TB from World by 2030, we have targeted it to be removed by 2025.
  • Honoured Image of India among other countries on Yoga and Ayurveda , is also a reflection of Rising India.
  • India is now ranked among the top two market performers in FDI Confidence Index.
  • As the economic factors says , by third quarter of 2017-18 India has achieved 7.2 growth rate which still has the potential to rise.
  • Our Revitalising Infrastructure and Systems in Education Scheme, as announced in budget will in the next four years spend more than 1 lakh crore to improve education system of country.
  • In all ways we are promoting business environment in country with various specific policy options, and making a rapid lifting pathway to running schemes like Digital India, Startup India, MSME Boost, taxation policies like GST etc.

PM Modi concluded the conference at Rising India Summit, opting in for a favourable response from people for coming projects of government in future and quoting in – ‘every institution in the country needs to work together to build a nation, for nation welfare, and to pursue the journey of development’.