GST Registration of 655 Traders Cancelled

For non-filling of GSTR 3B, GST registration of 655 traders in Raigarh district has been recently cancelled. It was reported that these traders failed to file their GSTR-3B return for over 6 months.

In a statement, the Assistant Commissioner (State Tax Raigarh Circle-I) stated that GST registration of 10 traders with more than 1.5 crores as annual gross sales and about 342 traders with less than 1.5 crores as annual gross sales were deleted under the State Tax, Raigarh Circle-I. Other than this, the Assistant commissioner (State Tax Circle – II) also reported in a statement about the deletion of GST registration of two traders having gross sales over 1.5 crores and 301 traders located later having gross sales less than 1.5 cr.

Before deletion, the traders were reported of the GST deadlines and the rules specifying the amount they were required to pay as GST with late fees including, 18% interest on the total amount payable.

The officials also stated that these traders were given the option to revive their registration by submitting all required details to the department related to GST with charges and payable amount. But the traders failed to do so. Thus their registration was cancelled and the traders now would not be able to receive available benefits of GST related taxation schemes.

Assistant Commissioner, State Tax of both circles further stated that these registered businessmen /traders were given constant reminders and were called at different intervals to file their 3B by 20th of each month but they all failed to comply with government notices. Presenting the cancellation report the Commissioner also appealed to all registered traders to file their GSTR 3B online within the stated deadlines to avoid any future inconvenience.

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