Cabinet approves Agriculture Export Policy, 2018

The Union Cabinet meeting held on 6th December 2018, has approved its concern for the Agriculture Export Policy, 2018. The meeting was held under the supervision of the Union Prime Minister Narendra Modi who nodded a positive gesture towards the policy approval. He suggested for the establishment of a Monitoring Framework to supervise the implementation of the policy.

He further stated about the proposed monitoring framework’s authority, to work as a nodal agency with distinct departments and representatives of the Ministries of the concerned State Governments.

The cabinet claimed that the government has put forward a policy to double farmer’s income by 2022, as exports of an agricultural produce play a pivotal role in adding more income sources to the farmers. Stating the benefits of the policy, the cabinet aimed the decision to be a value builder for the Indian farmers by almost doubling their agricultural exports and alleviating their integration with the global value chains.

Vision of the Agriculture Export Policy, 2018

‘’ To Harness the export potential of the Indian agriculture through suitable policy instruments, to make India globally empowered economy in agriculture and raise farmers income ‘’

The policy holds the following visionary objectives of the government:

– To double an agricultural exports of the country from US$ 30+ Billion to US$ 100 + Billion by 2022 with a stable trade policy regime.

– To diversify the export categories, destinations and also boost exports of the value-added agricultural produce – putting more focus on perishables.

– To promote the export of indigenous, organic, traditional, ethnic and nontraditional agricultural products.

– To deal with phytosanitary issues and provide a decent mechanism for tackling the export barriers and market access provisions.

– To integrate the India with a global value chain of an agriculture exports at the earliest and enable farmers to ripe the benefits of an opportunities in the overseas market.

Briefing the media about cabinet decisions, the commerce and industry minister Suresh Prabhu said “the government will take up initiatives to promote exports of organic, ethnic and indigenous products under the policy and will set up ‘Brand India’ to promote and establish an effective export regime for farmers, in which states would be extensively involved’.

Prabhu further said the policy has been deliberately designed with extensive consultations with the states and they have agreed to remove various restrictions, including mandi taxes and conditions imposed by APMC (Agriculture Produce Market Committee.)

The policy has been differentiated in two distinct categories Strategic and Operational to trigger overall agriculture export growth.

The Strategic bar will undertake decisions for diversified policy measures, infrastructure & logistic support, holistic approach and involvement of state government in agricultural exports while the Operational section will consider actions for cluster building, value-added exports, promotion of brand India, research and development etc.

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