Steps to Create GST Payment Challan

After adjustment of Input Tax Credit (ITC), the taxpayer has to pay off the balance GST amount to Government. To make such payment, firstly a GST payment challan is to be generated from official GST portal of government located on ‘ ’.

Then the amount computed liable on it is to be paid through different modes of payment i.e internet banking, NEFT, debit/credit card or cash at designated bank branch.

Below is a complete tutorial on ‘How to Generate a GST Payment Challan from Official GST Portal

Generating GST Payment Challan without Logging In to GST Portal

Step 1: In the address bar type in ‘’ , it will redirect to official GST portal .

Step 2: Click on Services > Payments > Create Challan option as shown below .

create gst payment challan - TaxReturnWala

Step 3: The ‘Create Challan’ page is displayed , type in your GSTN Number in the GSTIN/UIN/TMPID field .


  • For UN Bodies ,Embassies, Government Offices or any Notified person to generate a prelogin challan , first have to submit their Unique Identification Number (UIN).
  • For Unregistered Dealers having a Temporary ID, to generate a prelogin challan have to submit their Temporary Identification Number (TMPID).
  • For professional tax return preparers, generating a prelogin challan would required their Tax Return Preparer Identification Number (TRPID).

Step 4:  Type in the characters as shown in the image in the captcha field and click on Proceed button.

Step 5: In the Tax Liability grid, type in the details of payment to be made and select the appropriate ‘Mode of Payment’.

GST Tax liability filling - TaxReturnWala

 Step 6: After selection of the payment method the OTP Authentication field appears , type in the registered mobile number associated with GSTIN/UIN/TRPID/TMPID entered above .

Step 7: Click on Proceed button to continue.

Step 8: Once OTP verification is complete, the challan generated is displayed which can be downloaded by clicking the Download Button or can be paid further by clicking on Make Payment option.


Generating GST Payment Challan After Logging In to GST Portal

Step 1: Go to and log in with valid username and password.

Step 2: On Dashboard , click on Services > Payments > Create Challan option.

Step 3: Fill in the Tax Liability Details as shown and select the mode of payment to be made.

Note :

  • To know accurate value of your tax liability you can also utilise the E-Tax Liability Ledger or can enter any amount irrespective of actual liability which will later get updated to Electronic cash ledger to be utilised later.
  • Amounts entered in Major Heads (CGST/IGST/SGST/UTGST,Cess) or Minor Heads (Tax,Penalty Fee, Interest & others) can be utilised for that liability only. Cross utilisation in minor and major heads is not possible.

Step 4:  After filling tax liability grid, select the mode of payment from Payment Modes option and complete the necessary details required.

Step 5 : Once payment details are updated , the challan created can be saved or can be directly generated for payment . Once you save the challan a unique reference number for saved challan would be generated .

Note : At any point of time a maximum of 10 challans can be saved

Step 6 : After generating e-challan, payment can be made using Generated Challan (CPIN). For paying off saved challans , they need to be retrieved from Services > Payments > My Saved Challans .

GST saved challans , payment gst saved challan taxreturnwala

Step 7 : The challan generated gets displayed on dashboard, which can be downloaded by clicking the Download Button or can be paid further by clicking on Make Payment option.

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