Some Relieving Updates of GSTN on GSTR 3B Filing

With no further delay in process, the GSTN Network has seemingly approved the suggested changes required in procedures of GSTR-3B filing. Through a scripted notification on the official GST portal, the authorities reported about the current status of problems faced by businesses in filing their GSTR 3B. Adding special attention to filing queries of taxpayers, some recommended changes were also highlighted by the department which were focussed on assuring ease for entrepreneurs by helping them knowing their ITC (Input Tax Credit) balances online and valuing their GST liability with newly altered 3B return forms.

Other Than This Following Key Changes Were Made In Procedures of GSTR 3B Filing

1. Tax Payments: The new guide to GSTR 3B filing stated that the coming filing procedures will help the taxpayer to ascertain his tax liability more easily, as timely helpful pop-ups would be provided to him during his login session; also the taxpayer to coming payable sessions shall have to just provide either CGST or SGST/UGST amount only and the rest amount will automatically be populated to his return; further on filing payments the details of balances as available in cash and credit ledgers will now be displayed to taxpayer on either side of portal during the login session.

2. Ascertaining Challan Information: A Taxpayer would now be able to download or preview GSTR 3B Form Challan before making actual tax submission and be able to verify the same more interactively. Also, a quick look of the tax liabilities as declared in the return would be visible while hovering under credit heads of payment section. Further adding, if

  • The available cash balance of taxpayer is not sufficient in the Electronic cash ledger to offset the tax liability; the additional amount payable would be now be displayed at the last column of the table showing under the head ‘Additional Cash Required’. Drawing up a Challan for such specific amount will now become feasible to the taxpayer.

3. Downloading of Drafted Return and Challans: A special recognition to the draft record requirement of the taxpayer has been given in the GSTN statement, that new features of downloading and previewing drafted returns & challans have been given to the taxpayer to help him save required details off-line.

4. Knowing Transaction Status: It was also prompted to categorize and provide a preview of all filed transactions to the taxpayer.With amended changes taxpayers would be able to see last 10 transactions of their returns online, being filed returns sorted under ‘Filed’ section and pending filings under ‘Valid but not Filed’ section.

Breaking further views on recommended changes, GSTN Chief Executive Officer Prakash Kumar said “One area where a few taxpayers were making errors frequently was utilisation of input tax credit and computation of balance payment in cash. By improving the user interface and redesigning the process, filing of GSTR-3B has been made considerably more convenient’’

 Earlier, challans were manually filed by taxpayers making cash payments. Minimising chances of omitting wrong amount under wrong heads, it was prompted to allow a change in present GST module where amounts get automatically imputed into spaces and requested challans get automatically prepared for taxpayers. Only a specific cash amount is required to be paid by him after deducting available balances in cash ledger and a suggested amount of input tax credit specified in the table.

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