Know all the basic costs involved in FSSAI registration?

FSSAI registration or FSSAI license is required by all entities engaged in the business of food production and all other food related business activities. It-is basically a 14 digit registered number issued by FSSAI Licensing authority to specify the quality assurance of materials used in production & processing of such food product. It-is required by each and every type of business whether it is a manufacturer, trader, transporter, importer, exporter or producer of dairy products and other food items. Government has made it mandatory for all food business entities to occupy a license from FSSAI in order to run their food business legally in India.

Based on the number of machinery involved, investment made and turnover of various food processing units Government has Specified different criteria for licensing of different entities. There are mainly three types of FSSAI License:

FSSAI State License: Along with basic FSSAI registration it is necessary for every business entity having an annual turnover of more than Rs 12 lakh but less than 20 crores to apply for an FSSAI state license.

FSSAI Central License: Entities engaged in export and import of food products, the supply in multiple Government departments and MNCs and having an annual turnover more than Rs 20 Crore have to apply for an FSSAI Central license.

FSSAI Basic Registration: Even small food business entities like food stalls, hotels etc having turnover less than 12 lakh also have to mandatorily get registered under FSSAI regulations.

Eligibility Criteria and Fee Structure. 

FSSAI (Food Safety and Security Authority of India) has laid down eligibility criteria for different food business operators to get registered under FSSAI regulations. Based on these eligibility criteria the required approved FBO (Food Business Operator) grants the license or Apply for registration of business.

Eligibility for a food entity for FSSAI Approval can be estimated from the below link: (

While the basic cost structure as prescribed by FSSAI based on the eligibility and turnover criteria of business can also be determined from the above link also while the basic cost involved for FSSAI license and registration inside the:-

  • The business registration fees as prescribed by the required FBO (usually ranging from Rs 2000/- to Rs 7500 /-) which is generally same across the country.
  • The amount of tax and other cess fees as prescribed
  • Any additional cost/ processing fees as prescribed by the required FBO.

(Note: Payment for registration and grant of license can be made only through online mode and registration can only be made for a maximum period of 5 years)

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